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welcome 2 the SLUG ZONE!!!!!

the SLUG ZONE is a webbed site i made because i needed mental stimulation and it spiraled out of control to the point where i couldn't justify not using it. i don't know what to put here but i must. it is my new mission.

for now please enjoy the process with me while i fill this place up with ONE THOUSAND SLUG ZONE GRAFIX, each lovingly handcrafted specifically to meet my unhinged needs as i continue to carve increasingly larger holes in this beautiful world wide wearth to fill with slugs and wonders :)

the slug zone was created in june 2023 by neptune molluscoid, a stupid little nudibranch who impulsively opens up a text editor sometimes.

best viewed in firefox. chrome users simply stop using chrome thank you.


the slugmaster :)

neptune is a little guy who is among the digital elderly. it wakes up every day and just starts going. it has realized it will never be a better or less neurodivergent person and has chosen the path of the hermit. neptune eats poorly and struggles to do the things regular people do to keep themselves alive and comfortable. it is a silly housepet. mostly, it sits in it's computer dungeon all day rotting. the way it uses it's computer is deranged.

a screenshot of the webmaster's desktop which has three workstations. there is a video playing on the leftmost one, entirely too many windows tiled in the middle one, and absolutely nothing going on in the rightmost workstation. the colour black has been rendered transparent accidentally in the process of resizing the image, which the webmaster has kept for comedic reasons.
my three desktops and yes, they smoke weed

this is not neptune's first rodeo. this is not even it's fifteenth rodeo. this little slug leaves in it's wake both a trail of slime and a string of websites of massively varying quality. this one is not anywhere near it's best work but the slug zone is certainly the most javascript-heavy. given that, if anything is broken pls inform. assuming you can inform. assuming you can get here. since the button is js.

it has a little cat.

a picture of a sphynx cat sitting in front of a space heater.
fucking look at ghinichan

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